Gonstead Technique

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Dr. Clarence Gonstead, D.C. is the founder of the technique practiced at Goodland Chiropractic. He developed a specific, full-spine system of analysis with low force and high velocity adjusting. His focus and dedication to understanding human anatomy and biomechanics led him to him owning the largest chiropractic clinic of his time. He believed it was a chiropractors objective to, “Find it, fix it, and leave it alone.”

Dr. Gonstead was not focused on the patient feeling better temporarily but rather focusing on getting to the root cause of the problem. He utilized his degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin which paved a path of deeper understanding that every structure requires a strong and healthy foundation to function at optimal level. This intuitive knowledge along with his 50 years of experience in over thousands of cases and continuous clinic studies drew people from near and far. He changed the tiny, secluded town of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin where he built his clinic with a high volume of patients and fellow chiropractors flocking to get help with their ailments. Dr. G had a work ethic, focus and determination that led to him rarely getting up and going to sleep in the same day. He even had a hotel and landing strip built to accommodate the influx of people needing his systematic and specific chiropractic care. He is well known as the “chiropractors' chiropractor.”  

This systematic approach consists of a six part examination that has been so effective at treating vertebral subluxation, that is taught in most chiropractic colleges today. Dr. Gonstead's work to advance the chiropractic profession is still being carried on today.

Clarence Gonstead

Clarence Gonstead