Functional Movement Training

“You are designed individually and specifically. Your functional training program should be too.”


Who am i?

Alyse Darnall CES CFL1

My name is Alyse Darnall. I am an Azusa Pacific University (APU) Graduate with a BS in Applied Exercise Science (AES). I am a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I swam at the NCAA DII Collegiate level all 4 years, competed in NCAA DII Nationals 2 years in a row at APU while studying AES. Before I joined Goodland Chiropractic I was the head trainer at The Training Camp Fitness in San Dimas CA.

My mission is to correct muscle imbalances and movement faults to prevent injury, strengthen muscles, fix posture, and increase overall health and quality of life.

I love all sports and know how important cross training can be for any athlete. It is important if you are interested in or are pursuing college athletics, or just want to improve in your current sport, to be at the top of your game and moving properly.

My Focus is on strengthening muscles and functional movements through corrective exercise.

what is corrective exercise and functional movement training? who will benefit from it?

Corrective exercise and functional movement training breaks down your movements, finds your movement faults and muscles imbalances, and corrects them so that you can walk, run, sit, and stand better. As people, we create bad moving habits and it can greatly affect your quality of life. Everyone that moves can benefit from corrective exercise and functional movement training, not only will it help with moving places better, but it will also improve your posture and your all around strength. I am here to help correct those bad habits so that you can get back to a better quality of life.



How will this help athletes?

We are all designed to move. If we are not moving properly, how are we supposed to perform at a high level athletically? Functional Movement Training strengthens muscles and helps create better movement patterns to help athletes be at the top of their game. Not only will this training improve athletics, but will serve as an injury prevention program so that athletes can, not only compete at high levels but be safe while competing.  

Hours of availability

Monday 6am-10am and 4pm-7pm

Wednesday 6am-12pm

Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday 6am-12pm

Teams: Please call for scheduling