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Our Mission at Goodland Chiropractic is to love and serve the community through specific Chiropractic Care, allowing you to be the best version of yourself imaginable.




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Dr. Justine Bellefeuille, D.C. is committed to serving Goleta and the surrounding area, offering highly specific chiropractic care and providing solutions to your unique healthcare needs. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, headaches, muscle tension, pain in your extremities, or if you are looking for relief from pain due to an accident, injury or a chronic spinal condition, Dr. Justine is ready to customize a plan to address whatever is ailing you. Even if you are looking to improve your overall health, Goodland Chiropractic is here to help you attain your everyday wellness goals and achieve your optimal expression of life. Visit our testimonials page to hear first hand accounts from some of her patients!

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Goodland Success Stories

What brought you in and how has it affected your life?

“Extreme lower back pain that rendered me almost paralyzed. I could not straighten my back and had trouble standing up and sitting down. I even had problems falling asleep due to the pain.” -Victor J.

“Goodland was recommended by my trainer. I have a fused ankle from a soccer injury. Many years of compensating has affected my back and hips.” -Carrie

“I hurt my back gardening and didn’t know how to relieve my back pain. My daughter had met Dr. Justine Bellefeuille at a school career day and told me to go to Goodland Chiropractic. I have only been getting better, no pain.” -Justine T.

How has your experience been at Goodland Chiropractic?

“It was fantastic! The staff was friendly and attentive. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the years.” -Victor J.

“Terrific! All the staff are wonderful. Dr. Justine is amazing, caring and holistic. She attuned to everything that’s happening.” -Carrie

“I love the relaxing, feel good feeling of the office. I always feel better after my adjustment and a good walk to appreciate the feeling.”
-Justine T.

How has your life improved since being treated?

“My back is nearly back to normal. Comparing to before the treatment, my back is a lot better. Night and day difference.” -Victor J.

“Dr. Justine is a great person. I am so happy to know her and be treated by her.” -Carrie

“I think more carefully about my movement and how I feel daily.” -Justine T.

What would you like others to know about Goodland Chiropractic?

“The people are great and the treatment works. If you need chiropractic treatment they are definitely the best in the area.” -Victor J.

“There are so many great resources here! Dr. Justine, acupuncture, etc. They are a very caring group.” -Carrie

“If you feel pain, acknowledge the pain and get better.” -Justine T.

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