Do You Have Extremity Pain?


Do not worry, you have come to the right place! Let's start with what an extremity is. Extremities are your limbs: AKA your arms and legs. Ribs are also considered an extremity since they are not part of the spine. There are many joints that can be disrupted in these areas of the body: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

It is easy to injure a limb with any type of trauma since your limbs are usually what we use to break our trip, slip mis-step or fall. Sometimes there is no trauma at all but repetitive movements and strains on the muscles can aggravate the area and cause inflammation. This can lead to a fixation over time where there is a decreased range of motion with pain and tenderness to the local area. Other times the pain is not coming from the area that you, the patient, feel the pain. It is coming from a spinal nerve  that comes from the spine. By addressing fixations and misalignments at the spine you can improve the function of the extremity. 

Extremity fixations can cause substantial pain and become unbearable. It can prevent you from your activities of daily living, hinder work performance, prevent you from playing sports or partaking in your hobbies. Do not let your extremity pain hold you back any longer!

There is no need to live with this pain, discomfort and DIS-ease. Dr. Justine has multiple Extremity Certifications and spent countless hours helping patients out of their pain and restrictions and back into their daily lives. Do not wait any longer to get back to the amazing life you work so hard to have, call the office today and make an appointment!